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Cut out the design traced on basswood
Yen Chin, Hawaii Island Project Manager

When I volunteered to do the job of managing the Carousel of Aloha Project for the Big Island alone (I’m not the Head Cheese, thank goodness), I suspected that I had agreed to take a very large bite. Of course, I had a poor appreciation for the real size of the bite; I needed that poor understanding because I never would have made the commitment had I accurately understood the magnitude of the task. That is NOT to say that I regret saying, “yes”. Like committing to build a house here in Hawai’i, I expect that my committing to the Carousel Project will yield great personal rewards. And I believe that those goodies will more than fairly compensate me for my time and labor. What a great job. I never got such a good deal when I had to sell my labor.

We have a middle-term vision that has a Master Carver, Ken Means by name, come to the Big Island in February to conduct a three-week Carousel Carving Class. I spent three weeks carving with Ken this past July, and I came home with lots of horse parts. Many of those parts are finished. Some of them need more work. The product of my four weeks away impresses my wife, Patricia for both quality and it’s quantity. And I’m pleased by what I accomplished in a relatively short period of time. For the record, my wife does not agree that one should describe the time I spent in Oregon as “short”, but that’s another story.

This story is more about preparing for that middle-term vision. Of course, you’re all invited to participate in the February Carving Class. Stay tuned for details as we flesh them out.

But back to the preparations. We’ve scheduled three Introduction to Carving Workshops for Puna. You’re all invited to participate in them too. Details to follow. The first workshop will be in late September. I believe that we’re shooting for the afternoon of the 30th in Volcano. Time and place are not yet set, so if you have any ideas of a good location, please let me know. Send your email messages to: HIPM@CarouselofAloha.org

The next two are in Kea’au and Pahoa in the winter.

In the Intro to Carving Workshops people will use our tools and materials to transform a block of bass wood into a Hawaiian theme figure. The participants won’t get to take their work home. Instead it will ultimately get included in the finished carousel. Speaking as one who recently took a block of wood and brought a horse’s head out of it, the feeling of satisfaction is amazing. And I’m confident that anybody can successfully carve the figure we’ll work on in September. I have to be confident because I need to carve it before the first workshop, gulp!

I have professional help doing the carving, so I’m not really worried. All I really have to do is make the time to put chisel to wood. You all can help me find the time, if you’ll take on some of the other chores I now must shoulder. We really need someone who will work with other volunteers to bring them into the project in ways that tickle their fancy. But if you can’t chomp at that piece, I could use the help with a lot of smaller chores. Got a couple of hours to help make portable carving benches? Contact me, or leave me a telephone message at: 808.315.1093. Don’t like to work with plywood? No problem. Click on Yen’s Wish List for a full list of needs.

Aloha, Yen

Flyer for First Introduction to Carving Workshop

Board of Directors Meeting Scheduled

Beginning the detail with a farrier raspAloha all. It’s time again this month for our Board of Directors meeting. We’ll meet at Hilo Coffee Mill at 5:30pm, Wednesday, August 22nd. This is an open meeting and we’d love to have you come. We’ll be giving updates on all of our committees and discussing our new Carousel Carving Workshops.

See you tomorrow.

Fundraising Meeting

Yardsale September 1st
It’s that time again and everyone is invited. We’ll have our Fundraising Committee meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 14th, at 5:00pm at Hilo Coffee Mill. Come with ideas and help us plan our next few events. It should be fun.

Carving Workshops to Begin

Actual carvings will be of native hibiscus
We are about to announce a one day carving workshop to introduce people to the carousel and carving. Everyone will be carving a small icon, approximately 12″x16″, most likely a native Hawaiian hibiscus. The workshop will have limited enrollment and a very reasonable fee. The icons will be used throughout the Carousel of Aloha Pavilion & Park. Keep your eyes and ears open for more information. Please share!

Meet us at the Hilo Orchid Society Show Aug 2-5, 2012

The Carousel of Aloha will be present at the Annual Hilo Orchid Society Show this weekend. We will bring Pua, a carousel figure in progress, and will have the opportunity to speak with 1,000’s of orchid show visitors.

If you have a chance, please come by. Check their website for details.

Pua and Donkey
Pua in the foreground, will be on display at the Orchid Show this weekend in Hilo.