We need a location for our February class

Maria & Yen
Maria & Yen

The Carousel of Aloha is reaching out to the community. We are in need of a place to hold our February workshop. We’d love to have a month-to-month rental donated to us. This would be a great tax deduction for someone who has an empty warehouse waiting to be leased, or a large room at a church or community center.

At minimum, we need it from February 8th through the 24th, but are really looking for something ongoing to allow us to continue carving and storing the figures we are working on and the supplies we’re using. If you or anyone you know might be able to help, please let us know as soon as possible. Remember, this is a great tax deduction. If necessary we can pay the utilities we use.

Mahalo to everyone for being so supportive of this project. Please SHARE this with anyone you can think who can be of assistance.

Carving Class Announcement


Beginning the detail with a farrier rasp
Let’s Carve It!


Aloha Everyone,

We’re super excited at the momentum that is quickly building around the Carousel of Aloha project. We’re meeting with a few people shortly to discuss a location for the upcoming class in February as well as a permanent home.

We’re also getting ready to welcome Master Carousel Carver Ken Means to our island. He and his wife Betty will be here for almost 3 weeks. They will teach our class, flyer attached, and then be the Guests of Honor at our Fundraiser on February 22nd.

Be sure and click on the link above or on the picture, and share with all you know. We have a few more openings but believe this two week class will fill up soon. It’s limited to only 12 students.

Imagine being a part of building Hawaii’s future, a place for kids of all ages to go, have fun, learn and be with family and  friends.

Won’t you come be a part of the Carousel of Aloha?

Carving Class Flyer


Carving a Carousel Figure Class


Pua Melia
Pua Melia



Click here for more information.


Pua Melia
Pua Melia

Yesterday’s monthly rummage sale was absolutely amazing! We got to meet so many folks, some residents from Hawaii Island, and a few from our Neighbor Islands, as well as visitors from the mainland. After learning of our great project and all of its benefits, they pledged their support and donated. Every little bit helps.



A big Mahalo goes out to Gretchen and Mike Klungness who gave their time to be there and assist with the event. Mahalo also to the staff of Hilo Coffee Mill that assisted with the set up and storage of the rummage items.

I would also encourage anyone reading this, to subscribe to receive these posts via email (its easy, see the button on the right). And share the Carousel Of Aloha with the WORLD! It benefits everyone! And everyone can help, because it is a community built project.

So, next month’s rummage sale in on February 2, 2013 at the Hilo Coffee Mill during their Farmer’s Market @ the Mill.  Mark your calendars now. If you can help on that day, let me know.

There is an Hawaiian saying: `A `ohe hana nui ke alu `ia which means:  no task is too big when done together by all.

Lets do this!


Help Needed for Tomorrow’s Rummage Sale

Help!! With all of the holiday ‘busy-ness’ and the attention that end of year, end of month stuff needs, the first weekend in January is already here. That means that it is the monthly Carousel of Aloha Rummage Sale fundraiser that is held at the Hilo Coffee Mill. I desperately need help in the way of people to assist with setting up, sales, giving information on the COA project and at the end, putting away the remainder of the unsold goods. If there is anyone with some available time tomorrow from 730am to 130 or 2pm, please let me know.

Although I know it happens each month, somehow I get caught at the end. Perhaps you can look at your calendars and let me know if you can help with any of the future rummage sales. It’s only once a month, on the first Saturday. Please try. It would really help and is so much appreciated. And let your friends know of the project, and maybe they can help too. The rummage sale is a great way to find deals on all sorts of things, from clothes to construction materials. Its held during the Mill’s Farmer’s Market, so it is fun and entertaining. You can shop while you’re there, eliminating the need to go to the grocery store for your fresh products. See, it can be a win-win-win all the way around!

Thanks in advance! Hope to hear from you soon!


Yen’s Thoughts and a New Wish List


I have long advocated–half seriously–that we should move Christmas to August because of the stress the holiday adds to December. During the darkest days of the year, I’d prefer to have the leisure to sit quietly and read a good book. Instead, December brings a mountain of holiday-related work. Consequently, I’ve had to push the Carousel of Aloha to a back burner where it has simmered, and its gentle bubbling reminded me of all the carousel chores I was neglecting. Guilt knows no bounds. 

I’ve felt a measure of guilt in December for my inability to devote more time to the carousel. I’ve even felt it through the fatigue that has often accompanied my waking hours this month. The amalgam of guilt and fatigue has a toxic quality, so I’m glad that Boxing Day has come and gone. Now I can resume a semblance of ordinary life. 

Today is Thursday, December 27th, and Ken’s Master Carving Workshop looms large. I’ve got to kick it up a notch of two in order to properly prepare for that. The list of task is long and as varied as the list of material wants and needs. For example, we need several pairs of old jean.  We actually only need the legs which we will make into sandbags to steady carving stock. We also need someone who will play tour guide for Ken and Betty, his wife during their days off. So please visit Yen’s Wishlist for a complete inventory, and offer your assistance to whatever degree. 

The third Introduction to Carving Workshop also approaches. We elected not to schedule any workshops in December (thank goodness) because we knew that everyone would already be overwhelmed by the season. We’ll hold the January Workshop inPahoa on Sunday, January 13th. January is also the month we need to make all the carving blanks for Ken’s Master Workshop. 

Phew, I’m tired already.