Yen’s Wishings

Cut out the design traced on basswood
Yen Chin, Hawaii Island Project Manager

I wish that we had a secure place in which to hold Ken Means’ carving workshop in February 2013.  Ken is our Master Carver.  This past July I learned to carve from him at the annual three-week workshop he convenes near his home in rural Oregon.  The guy has a wealth of knowledge to share, and, in just four months, he’s coming to the Big Island to teach a two-week session.  How exciting.

But I wish that we had a secure place in which to hold that workshop.  I cast a hungry eye at the former McDonald’s in Hilo.  And I cast an introductory letter to the new owners.  I only have the mailing address they gave the County, a P.O. Box on Maui.  Wish us luck.

I think that this location would serve us well because of its proximity to so many institutions that might take interest in the Carousel of Aloha: schools, churches, museums.  I looked in the windows during a recent stroll through downtown Hilo.  I saw that the building could contain as many as a dozen craving stations even though all the tables remain in place.  It also has lots of other features that would suit our needs.  I even dream of using the space to build the carving blanks for Ken’s workshop.

I dream a lot these days.  I think that one needs to invite dreams especially these days.  Working on the Carousel of Aloha helps me invite dreams.  I dream of the day when we have more people giving their time, labor, and hearts to the project.  Along with dreams I have the sure knowledge that the efforts I’ve given so far have yielded rich rewards.  So come join the party, and send us your good thoughts to help us find a space in which to hold Ken’s workshop.


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  1. Help!! With all of the holiday ‘busy-ness’ and the attention that end of year, end of month stuff needs, the first weekend in January is already here. That means that it is the monthly Carousel of Aloha Rummage Sale fundraiser that is held at the Hilo Coffee Mill. I desperately need help in the way of people to assist with setting up, sales, giving information on the COA project and at the end, putting away the remainder of the unsold goods. If there is anyone with some available time tomorrow from 730am to 130 or 2pm, please let me know.

    Although I know it happens each month, somehow I get caught at the end. Perhaps you can look at your calendars and let me know if you can help with any of the future rummage sales. It’s only once a month, on the first Saturday. Please try. It would really help and is so much appreciated. And let your friends know of the project, and maybe they can help too. The rummage sale is a great way to find deals on all sorts of things, from clothes to construction materials. Its held during the Mill’s Farmer’s Market, so it is fun and entertaining. You can shop while you’re there, eliminating the need to go to the grocery store for your fresh products. See, it can be a win-win-win all the way around!

    Thanks in advance! Hope to hear from you soon!


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