DickBlick.com Partners with The Carousel of Aloha

FlexCut SlipstropAloha kakou,

Sometimes you wonder if when living in Hawaii, you are in a foreign country. Trying to order from the internet can be trying, to say the least. Comments like “we don’t ship to Hawaii” or “we only ship FedEx” or “we’ll ship it parcel post and it will arrive within 10 days”, really make you wonder.

The past three days, I have had the most wonderful experience with DickBlick.com, an art supply house in Illinois. Everyone I spoke with was kind, courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. It just filled my heart to know there are still companies who care and try to understand.

And they are the first to really give us support on our project, in the form of a deep discount on supplies.

Three cheers to DickBlick.com. If you need supplies they have great prices, even without a discount.

Mahalo nui loa to DickBlick.com for partnering with Paradise Ponies, Inc. and the Carousel of Aloha. We’ll be back over the next 3 years!

A little kindness goes a long way.

One thought on “DickBlick.com Partners with The Carousel of Aloha”

  1. Finally! I know how hard it has been to find a business that will help us with the supplies and tools that we need, both now and in the next few years. Really, over the next several years, since we will be needing to create new figures and repair existing ones. Congratulations for your hard work and great effort to find a company such as dickblick.com that will help us make this wonderful project come to fruition! Bravo!

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