We need a location for our February class

Maria & Yen
Maria & Yen

The Carousel of Aloha is reaching out to the community. We are in need of a place to hold our February workshop. We’d love to have a month-to-month rental donated to us. This would be a great tax deduction for someone who has an empty warehouse waiting to be leased, or a large room at a church or community center.

At minimum, we need it from February 8th through the 24th, but are really looking for something ongoing to allow us to continue carving and storing the figures we are working on and the supplies we’re using. If you or anyone you know might be able to help, please let us know as soon as possible. Remember, this is a great tax deduction. If necessary we can pay the utilities we use.

Mahalo to everyone for being so supportive of this project. Please SHARE this with anyone you can think who can be of assistance.

Carving a Carousel Figure Class


Pua Melia
Pua Melia



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Learn to Carve with the Master


Ken Means serves as the Master Carver for the Carousel of Aloha, and we’re very lucky to have his help. Since he and his wife, Betty live and work in Oregon, he mostly offers advice and support from afar. Happily we are able to bring Ken an Betty to Hawai’i for two weeks in February. Ken will teach a Master Carving Class for two weeks, from February 11 through February 22, 2013. For more information click here.

Ken has devoted the bulk of his artistic life to learning about and keeping alive an old tradition. Ken currently has his own carousel carvings on exhibition at the Coos Bay Art Museum through January 26, 2013. We invite you to study with Ken. This class is a rare opportunity to learn how to carve carousel animals with someone who possesses great knowledge about that process.

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Learn more about Ken Means.