Woodcraft Hawaii Joins Paradise Ponies, Inc.

Woodcraft StorefrontAs our project grows and gains more credibility, there is no doubt in my mind we will have all the support we need. Getting the initial support is the hardest. It takes a few brave souls who either understand or almost understand, what this project can do for Hawaii, it’s people and it’s visitors, to get the ball rolling.

Woodcraft is one of those forward thinking businesses in Hawaii.

A clip from their website:

Who is Woodcraft?

Since 1928, Woodcraft has delivered the finest woodworking tools, woodworking plans and woodworking supplies to America’s woodworkers. Woodcraft brings you over 20,000 woodworking tools and backed by our 90-Day Guarantee and industry best customer service. With top of the line power tools, clamps, pen kits, hand saws, fasteners, woodworking plans and more, Woodcraft is able to fill all your woodworking supply needs. Woodcraft has provided the woodworking community the best woodworking tools for 80 years, helping people complete countless projects. If you’re looking for the best in woodworking tools, woodworking plans, and supplies, look no further than Woodcraft.

The way we became involved was through FlexCut, one of the finest names in carving tools. I sent them two emails and they thought this project was worthy of their attention and support. FlexCut contacted Woodcraft on Oahu and Iris, from Woodcraft contacted me. It has been a wonderful experience, they have helped us immensely and we hope our relationship lasts throughout and beyond the life of our project. Not only have they helped with tools for our carving workshops, but their customer service has made it a pleasure.

From Paradise Ponies, Inc and the Carousel of Aloha, we’d like to welcome Woodcraft to our family and mahalo you for your kokua.

Katherine Patton, President